KIBCA says no to turtle poaching

A dead hawksbill turtle sold for meat

Harvesting of marine turtles is becoming a concern on the north coast and other parts of Kolombangara. Last year between 20 and 30 turtles were taken from Ropa by Gilbertese poachers. Just last week KIBCA received another report about people taking a large number of turtles from their overnight sleeping habitat near Guhele. To address these concerns, an additional turtle monitoring transect will be added to Ropa in the vicinity of the proposed marine area. This work is supported by Conservation Leadership Program. 

It is illegal to take these marine turtles because they are a protected species. They are a very important species in the Solomon Island marine ecosystem. KIBCA appeals to all communities to see that they are protected and conserved. KIBCA is currently working with Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund to monitor turtles and their habitat. We hope that this will result in additional areas being declared as marine protected areas including the turtle habitat near Ropa. 

It is illegal to take these marine turtles. If you are aware of people illegally poaching turtles please contact KIBCA.