KIBCA 2012 AGM held at Kuzi

AGM Delegates at Vaghisea
AGM in session in Vaghisea paele

KIBCA held its 4th Annual General Meeting at Vaghisea Village at Kuzi on Kolombangara Island on Tuesday 13 November. The AGM was attended by sixty community representatives with delegates from all communities on Kolombangara present.

The Agenda for the AGM included a report on the past 12 months operations, 2011/1012 Financial Report, Education Scholarship Program, activities planned for the next 12 months and elections for three vacant executive positions.

Sitting Chairmen Donald Saepio resigned from his position at the AGM and will now take up a role as a Ranger with KIBCA. Mr. Saepio who has been chairman for the past four years said it had been a privilege to lead KIBCA from its early beginnings.

“I have learnt a great deal over my time as Chairman. KIBCA has grown from an association with a few supporters to one with many. The communities now understand and support KIBCA’s vision and I think this support will grow into the future,” said Mr. Saepio.

Following a vote by delegates Mr. Jack Piziki of Hunda was elected as KIBCA’s new chairman. Mr Piziki in his address to the meeting thanked those present and said that he is looking forward to his time as Chairperson.

“I am happy too much to take this appointment. To work with the executive and to continue to look at ways to improve conservation and livelihood opportunities. To encourage people to help their communities. I look forward to the Chiefs, the KIBCA executive, delegates, and our donors working effectively and cooperatively in protecting the conservation area”.

In addition to the election of Mr. Jack Piziki as Chairman the positions of Vice Chairman and Secretary were filled at the AGM. Mr Ghemu Vaghi of Iriri was elected Vice Chairman and Mr. Pemby Sovutu of Ghatere elected Secretary. All new executive positions will serve for one year. In 2013 all positions on the KIBCA executive will become vacant and elections held to fill the positions for the next five-year term.

KIBCA’s major donor, Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership was represented at the AGM by Michelle Alup, SICCP Operations Manager. Ms. Alup said she was very impressed by the effective community based approach of KIBCA.

“Its encouraging to see the support here today for KIBCA and to hear that the assistance SICCP is providing is being used well and in programs that have a lasting benefit for the community”.

Mr. Donald Saepio in his closing remarks to the AGM thanked the delegates and the community for their support in seeing KIBCA survive and grow stronger over its first four years. He reminded those present that it is only by working together with a whole of island approach that Kolombangara’s natural resources and culture could be protected now and in the future.