KIBCA's High Court Challenge Over Logging Continues

KIBCA is continuing its fight in the High Court to ensure the forests of Kolombangara are protected from illegal logging activities. KIBCA began the High Court action after the Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Environment granted approvals to log a large area extending from Ghatere to Hapi, including forests within the protected 400m conservation area. 

KIBCA has asked the Court to throw out these approvals. KIBCA has taken this action to ensure that Government Departments as well as logging Companies follow the correct legal procedures when granting logging approvals.

KIBCA also hopes that the case will ensure the Kolombangara conservation area is protected from poor decision making that allows logging companies and individuals to profit at the expense of local communities.

Despite what appear to be delaying tactics from the other parties involved in the case, and their repeated failure to respond to Court orders, KIBCA will continue its case with the support of the Public Solicitors Office and private donors who want to see the rights of local people, the Islands biodiversity and forests above 400m protected.