Drawing competition results

Festival Drawing Comp - Senior - Winner - Alex Moss Aruhane, Ringgi Primary
Festival Drawing Comp - Junior - Winner - Rahe Matin - Poitete Primary

Winner in each category received $100
Junior Category (Grades 1-3)
1st: Rahe Matin (9 years old), Grade 2, Poitete Primary
2nd: Luzenta Foata (8 years old), Grade 2, Poitete Primary
3rd: Ketty Wetego (10 years old), Grade 3, Poitete Primary
Senior Category (Grades 4-6)
1st: Alex Moss Aruhane, Grade 5, Ringgi Primary
2nd: Junior Pio (11 years old), Grade 3, Jack Harbour Primary
3rd: Sannielyn Masuhaara (11 years old), Grade 4, Poitete Primary
Drawings were about the biodiversity of Kolombangara Island.
Junior Drawing Contest Winner, Rahe Martin, Poitete Primary
52 entries were received in the Junior category and 34 entries in the Senior category. Entries were received from Poitete, Jack Harbour and Ringgi primary schools.
Prize donated by JS Store, Ringgi. The Solomon Star agreed to publish the winning drawings in each category.