KIBCA wins leadership award

KIBCA Coordinator Ferguson Vaghi is packing his bags for  Calgary, Canada

KIBCA has been announced as a winner of the  Conservation Leadership Program (CLP) Award. As  part of the award KIBCA Coordinator Ferguson Vaghi  will be attending the 2013 CLP Conservation  Management & Leadership Training Workshop in  Calgary, Canada.  

Twenty seven winners from around the world will  come together in Calgary for two weeks in late June  to participate in leadership workshops, give  presentations, and discuss conservation initiatives.    The Conservation Leadership Program is a  partnership between BirdLife International,  Conservation International, Fauna & Flora  International, and the Wildlife Conservation Society.  Its is working to advance biodiversity conservation  globally by building the leadership capabilities of  early\career conservation professionals working in  places with limited capacity to address high\priority  conservation issues.  

In addition to the training opportunity in Canada the  Award also provides equipment for undertaking  environmental research on Kolombangara as well as  funding for training in research and monitoring  techniques.  

The training in Canada will offer Ferguson an  opportunity to gain skills that can be applied to a  wide range of situations when he returns to  Kolombangara, including the training of local people  as part of the CLP program.  

Mr. Fergsuon Vaghi said he is looking forward to his  return so that he can work with the youth on  conservations programs that benefit Kolombangara.  

“This award provides good opportunity for locals to  participate in conservation training and I will enjoy  sharing my experiences and new skills when I return”.