Logging on Kolombangara Island

KIBCA's High Court Challenge Over Logging Continues

KIBCA is continuing its fight in the High Court to ensure the forests of Kolombangara are protected from illegal logging activities. KIBCA began the High Court action after the Ministry of Forestry and Ministry of Environment granted approvals to log a large area extending from Ghatere to Hapi, including forests within the protected 400m conservation area. 

KIBCA's High Court challenge over logging

On Monday 25 June KIBCA returns to the High Court in Honiara to continue its case challenging the legitimacy of proposed logging operations on Kolombangara. The logging approvals were granted in 2010 over a large area extending from Ghatere to Hapi and include forests within the protected 400m conservation area.

Success Logs Again

Success Company has applied to log above 400m on Lots 1, 9 and 10, south Kolombangara Island. It submitted a Public Environmental Report (PER) in Feb and KIBCA objected to it.

Hambere Village Stops Logging

Attempted logging barge landing site at HambereAbout 200 people stopped contractors for Success Company from unloading a barge with logging machinery at Ha

KIBCA Wins Historic Court Case

In a landmark ruling, the High Court supported KIBCA’s application to halt Success Company from logging the Lolobo land at Lot 1 on southern Kolombangara, above Kuzi and Happi.

KIBCA believes this sets an important precedent for logging on Kolombangara and throughout the Solomons. It was the first time a landholders association has taken this type of action.

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