Conservation efforts on Kolombangara Island

Climate engineering research on Kolo

Wylie Carr of Montana USA fly fishing the upper Villa River near the Kolombangara crater

In April Wylie Carr from the Department of Society and Conservation at the University of Montana USA visited Kolombangara. Wylie’s visit was part of a trip to the Solomon Islands to discuss climate change and climate engineering with government, NGOs working in the environment, and local people.  

About the 400m conservation area

Protected Area Map Apr 2011

Conservation Efforts of the Kolombangara People and the Forests Above 400m Altitude

KIBCA - Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association

KIBCA logo

KIBCA, or Kolombangara Island Biodiversity Conservation Association, was formed by the Indigenous landholders of Kolombangara Island to represents their interests in conservation.

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