Women Rock the Crater

The women walkers and guides at Konggu Rano hut in the Kolombangara Island crater

In September a group of seven women took on the rapids and rocks of the Vila River and trekked to Konggu Rano in the heart of the Kolombangara crater. The four women from Kolombangara and three from New Zealand working as volunteers in the Solomon Islands spent three days walking, climbing, rolling, sliding and swimming along the beautiful but tough trek. 

Shrinking Landslide Pool

KIBCA visited the Kolombangara Crater in late January and found that the pool formed by the June 2010 Mt Rano landslide is now one metre lower and more than 100m shorter. Walkers now only need to do a short swim of about 100m to enter the crater. The sediment plume has eroded rapidly and the Vila River is clearer.

New Imbu Rano Lodge Loop Walk

KIBCA has developed a new ridgetop loop track for visitors to Imbu Rano Lodge. The new track is an easy introductory walk to the rainforest. It has mountain views and passes kustom sites, large trees, stranger figs and a cool creek grotto. It takes about two hours.

New 400m Conservation Area Visitor Access Fees

Starting December 2010, KFPL and KIBCA have set new kustom and management fees for visitors to the 400m conservation area and Imbu Rano Lodge.

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