Stap foget lo Ibu Rano

The expansive deck
Mt Rano viewed from Imbu Rano
Mossy trunks - a common feature of the high altitude cloud forest
One of the forest walks
Mt Rano from the crater rim

Imbu Rano Lodge is where you can literally “chill out” and let the fresh mountain air of Kolombangara’s beautiful intact tropical rainforest revive your senses.  

Imbu Rano Lodge

Front entrance of Imbu Rano Lodge

Those who visit Imbu Rano Lodge for the first time are usully overwhelmed by the location, the stunning views and the pleasant, spacious accommodation.

When the managers at KFPL teamed up with the scientists studying Kolombangara over many years, the result of the collaboration was bound to be something special.

Accommodation on Kolombangara Island - Lodges, Hotels and Guesthouses

Imbu Rano Lodge

At 370m altitude, Imbu Rano Lodge is an ideal base to explore the surrounding rainforest and trek both inside the Crater via the Vila River or to take the ridgeline walk to the crater rim and Mt Veve, the highest peak on Kolombangara Island.

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