Access to Kolombangara Island

Local Kolombangara Island Access

Access to Ringgi Cove is by local boat from:

  • Gizo (40-50 min)
  • Munda (50-60 min)
  • Noro (20-30 min)

Access to Hambere and Iriri is by local boat from:

  • Gizo (20-30 min)

Access to Nughusu is by vehicle from Ringgi Cove (one hour) or by boat from:

  • Gizo (40-50 min)
  • Munda (50-60 min)
  • Noro (30-40 min)
  • Arnovan Islands (2 to 3 hours) - to visit the Arnovan Islands Community Marine Conservation Area between Choisel and Isobel islands, a long-term conservation project protecting a key rookery of the endangered Hawksbill Turtle.

There is a rough road connecting Munda to Noro if you want to minimise more expensive boat transport. Use local taxis and passenger trucks.

Regular Local Boat Services

There are a few regular boat services to Ringgi Cove from Gizo, Munda and / or Noro. Boat services change over time so check before you come.

  1. Passenger service Ringgi-Gizo-Ringgi service on Mon, Wed and Fri. A small 50hp petrol-powered boat for up to 10 people.
  2. Go West Tours (phone Agnes Lodge on +677 62 133) Munda-Gizo service on Mon and Fri always run and Wed if 6 or more passengers. Can divert to Ringgi and/or Noro if booked at least the day before, up to 5pm. Operated by Anges Lodge at Munda using either Rava 1 (115 hp, 14 person), Rava 3 (40hp 6 person) or Rava 4 (50hp 8 person).

If you stay at Sanbis or Fatboys resorts near Gizo, get the local transfer to Gizo. Some services will pick up from these resorts on request.

Note: Boat travel to Kolombangara Island from Gizo must cross the Blackett Strait and may be rough in bad weather. Boat travel to Kolombangara from Munda can either go via Noro or Vonavona Lagoon and is more sheltered (the latter very sheltered) but still requires a short trip across the Blackett Strait. Mornings usually have flatter, calmer seas.

Regular Long-distance Boat Services

  1. Fair Glory is a large, modern and recently re-furbished inter-island ferry offering the quickest service between Honiara and the Western Province. It operates a weekly eleven-hour service for passangers between Honiara-Seghe-Noro-Gizo and return. Departs Honiara Sunday mornings, departs Gizo Monday mornings.
  2. Kosko is a smaller vessel for transport and freight between Honiara and Western Province. It is operated by Transol Shipping and visits most ports in transit and takes about 30 hours, depending on the number of stops. It usually departs Honiara Sunday morning, and Gizo Tuesday morning. Phone for enquiries and bookings Honiara: +677 28869 or 7514 083, Gizo: +677 7466 845 or 7466 235
  3. The Bekoi is another small vessel for transport and freight between Honiara and Western Province.

Note: These services may be cancelled or delayed during bad weather or if there are mechanical problems.

Charter Boat Services

  1. Talk to your accommodation provider who can let you know about transfers to/from Kolombangara Island
  2. Go West Tours (phone Agnes Lodge on +677 62 133) operated by Anges Lodge at Munda, offers charter service to Ringgi from Gizo, Munda or Noro and a regular Munda-Gizo service three days per week. Book at least the day before, up to 5pm.
  3. Dive Gizo (phone +677 60253) offers boat charters from Gizo to anywhere on Kolombangara Island.
  4. If you are having difficulty making connections, the Ringgi-based plantation logging company, KFPL might be able to help you (+677 60230).

Air Services

Kolombangara Island is served by scheduled flights from two domestic airports less than an hour's boat ride away from Kolombanagara Island - Munda and Gizo. The fare Munda-Honiara is usually slightly cheaper.

Solomon Airlines operates daily air services from Munda and Gizo airports to Honiara (daily). This service often stops at Seghe at Morovo Logoon in Western Province to/from Munda and Gizo.

Solomon Airlines also operates services every few days between Gizo and Choisel Bay  (Choisel Province) and weekly to Ballalae (Russell Islands). 

Kolombangara Island has an airstrip at Ringgi and Kukundu (near Iriri and Hambere) for private charters.

Land Transport on Kolombangara Island

Kolombangara has an all-weather gravel Ring Road starting near Ringgi Cove and covering about three-quarters of the island. From Ringgi Cove KFPL offers a transfer vehicle to access Ringgi township (5 mins) or Imbu Rano Lodge (30 mins).

Note - about this transport information.

While every effort is made to give you up-to-date information, we rely on information from operators at the time of updating, and this may change. Some services, while regular, may also change at short notice, so it is always best to re-check your booking or the schedule the day before you travel.

Last updated July 2015