Staff and office

Ferguson Vaghi



Ferguson Vaghi

The Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the work of KIBCA and its projects. The Coordinator is the primary contact for all enquiries. The Coordinator reports to the KIBCA Executive Committee. Ferguson is an Indigenous Kolombangaran who grew up in Ghatere Village.

Other staff

Adrian Ghele:

Adrian is responsible for finance and administration.

Wayne Tefenoli

Wayne is a ranger for the conservation area. 

Peter Butler, Meri Billington:

Pete and Meri are AVI volunteers assisting KIBCA as part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development program.


KIBCA's office is situated at Ringgi, Kolombangara Island in Western Province. Follow Ringgi's main road halfway up the hill and KIBCA's office is the first building on the right. Please call in and visit if you come to Ringgi and let us know how we can help you with your visit.

Our office has a library and meeting room. The library has a collection of resources about Kolombangara Island and the Solomon Islands relating to conservation, wildlife and other issue of interest to KIBCA. We have a detailed topographic map of the island and have available walking maps for visitors. 

KIBCA has assembled a collection of the scientific papers about Kolombangara Island that is available for browsing at the KIBCA office. We also maintain a duplicate copy of the papers for visitors to Imbu Rano Lodge.