Visit Kolombangara Island


You will be amazed at the stunning scenery, great walking tracks and interesting wildlife that can be found on Kolombangara Island. Kolombangara Island is located in Western Province in Solomon Islands, making it easy to access by daily flights from Honiara.

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Activities on offer on Kolombangara Island - information about rainforest, mountain and crater walks.

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Accommodation providers on Kolombangara Island - Places to stay on Kolombangara Island.

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Walking itineraries - lists of short, medium and long walking routes with descriptions, starting from Imbu Rano Lodge, Hambere/Iriri or Poitete.

Infomation sheets and maps - download either the 2-page pdf Information Sheet that gives an overview of what's on offer for visitors to Kolombangara Island or the detailed one-page walking maps and map of Kolombangara Island.