KFPL - Kolombangara Forest Products Limited

KFPL is an FSC certified sustainable timber plantation company established in 1989 that holds a 75 year lease over two-thirds of the island. KFPL is presently owned by the Solomon Islands Government.
KFPL have been supportive of KIBCA since its establishment and have provided in-kind and financial support to KIBCA's operations. KIBCA operates from an office in Ringgi on Kolombangara Island that is leased form KFPL.
In 2009 KFPL built Imbu Rano Lodge as a base for scientists studying the high altitude forests on Kolombangara Island. Situated at 370m and with easy road access from Ringgi Cove, it is also an ideal entry point for walkers and trekkers visiting the Kolombangara crater rim, the crater centre and the Vila River.
KIBCA and KFPL have a Memorandum of Understanding in place. The key feature of the agreement is a joint management arrangement of the native forests above 400m altitude as a protected area secure from any logging or mining. KIBCA manages conservation efforts and visitors to this area in close collaboration with KFPL. 
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