Vision and goals


Kolombangara Island forest and marine resources and cultural heritage are sustainably managed by Indigenous Kolombangarans and contribute to improvements in Islander quality of life.

Five-year Goals

1. 400m Protected Area
2. Awareness
3. Livelihoods
4. Cultural History
5. Income Generation
6. Management
Protect area above 400m altitude from logging and mining
  • Launch protected area
  • Consult community about plan of management
  • Finalise plan of management
  • Get legal agreements with tribal owners
  • Register under new Protected Areas Act
  • Legal challenges against logging
  • Landholder training about legal rights
  • Collect biodiversity information
Landowners fully understand conservation and sustainable resource management
  • Undertake continuous awareness raising
  • Prepare awareness information and newsletters
  • Conduct awareness workshops
  • Conduct study tours
Provide effective livelihood programs that offer economic benefits
  • Establish 2-3 livelihood projects eg honey production, water bottling
  • Deliver scholarships to at least 50% of school students and 5-10 university students
  • Make Kolombangara a major tourist destination, develop track and hut network
  • Training in financial literacy, business skills, rangers, guides and hospitality
Document the genealogy of the local people and their cultural history
  • Develop partnerships with anthropologists and archeologists
  • Organise local tribal leader cultural workshops
  • Record Kolombangara genealogy, local songs, myths, legends and cultural sites

KIBCA has secure and reliable income source

  • Establish an endowment fund
  • Set up annual supporters
  • Secure at least three major funders
  • Kustom fee supports management
  • Develop tour packages
KIBCA has outstanding governance and management
  • Develop efficient office systems
  • KIBCA staff attend national and international conferences
  • Study tours and training for KIBCA executive
  • Professional and timely delivery of acquittals and reports

KIBCA prepared this vision and these goals in 2010. They are a refinement of KIBCA's strategic plan developed in 2008.

The vision and goals were first defined during KIBCA's creation after many meetings of Kolombangara tribal leaders, KIBCA AGM delegates and the KIBCA Executive. They have since been refined and summarised.

They are an authentic, achievable and carefully considered set of actions that will help make KIBCA a leading Solomon Islands community-based organisation representing the conservation interests of the landholders of Kolombangara Island.

Let us know if you a willing to join us in our vision and help us reach our goals. Donors and supporters most welcome.