Logging Kolombangara's Climate

Downloading data from a climate monitor at 1750m altitude, Mt Veve cloud forest

In September KIBCA downloaded the first data from four climate monitors set up between Imbu Rano Lodge and Mt Veve. The climate monitors were set up by KIBCA and the American Museum of Natural History in June 2012 and record data every 15 minutes on temperature and relative humidity.

The data is being recorded to assist researches in gaining a better understanding of the islands climate and how it influences habitat and species composition on Kolombangara at different altitude.

The information recorded by KIBCA is part of a long- term program set up by AMNH that will provide important baseline data for future climate change studies. It is hoped this data will be used to gain a better understanding of the direct and indirect impacts of human activity on climate at a local, regional and global level.