Climate engineering research on Kolo

Wylie Carr of Montana USA fly fishing the upper Villa River near the Kolombangara crater

In April Wylie Carr from the Department of Society and Conservation at the University of Montana USA visited Kolombangara. Wylie’s visit was part of a trip to the Solomon Islands to discuss climate change and climate engineering with government, NGOs working in the environment, and local people.  

Climate engineering refers to large\scale methods to intentionally alter the climate in order to lessen impacts from climate change. A number of scientists and policy makers in the US and Europe have been discussing this topic for the past few years however there has been relatively little effort to bring in the perspectives of people from other parts of the world.  

During his visit Wylie talked with KIBCA staff and other locals to hear from them on climate change and after a short video presentation, record their thoughts on the climate engineering science. The responses Wylie gathered whilst in the Solomon Islands will be shared with scientists in the US who work on this issue.  

Whilst on the Island Wylie Carr visited Imbu Rano Lodge and had some time to enjoy the surrounds by doing some bush walking and fly\fishing on the Villa River.  

Mr. Wylie Carr was impressed. "Visiting Imbu Rano was one of the highlights of my trip to the Solomon Islands. The setting is unbelievable. It was a truly unique and inspiring experience".  

We look forward to welcoming Wylie back to Kolombangara in the future and wish him well with his research into this important topic.